Gender Equity – (Gender Summit)


Gender Equity was so far one of best the Explorations I have involved in. I think I was lucky enough to be in that project because I actually learned a lot of valuable and beautiful lessons. In Gender Equity we talked a lot about gender issues in our society like gender and violence, gender and economic, gender and culture, LGBTQ+ community, mental health, beauty standard, and more! Every day we would have a family discussion. It’s not just any discussion, it’s so powerful that we almost cry every day. We shared stories about our family, what we see now in our society, or what we used to experience. I learned a lot from others and somehow it brought us closer.

Every day, our teachers would show us some stories, poems, and videos to inspire us so that we could create creative pieces for our blog. We created a blog called CHANGE which stands for Creating Humanitarian Awareness for the Necessity of Gender Equity; there are some articles related to gender that some of us wrote, if you want to check it out please click on this link.

At the end of January during our Exploration, we created a Gender Summit where we invited schools around Phnom Penh to participate. There were over 100 high school students at the summit between January 28th and 29th. I was the press, so I didn’t really know much about the activities that they did but our team came together and create activities for each section based on the topic that they’d given. The topics were culture, language, economics, and power.

Through this experience, I think we were able to educate students especially those who are Cambodian on Gender Equity. We were able to shift some of their perspectives on gender ideas, for an example, women aren’t naturally a good caretaker, she learn it from her surroundings and that anyone can become a caretaker, it doesn’t have to be woman.

I hope we all continue fighting and even if we won’t be able to solve all the gender issues, I hope we as a person start to do something that could help. Don’t blame the society because we are part of society and it is part of our responsibility to make a change and save this world.

If you want to see the videos, please click watch below or on YouTube:

This is the documentary we made, but it is so long so it is okay if you won’t watch it. 

Dinosaur Footprints Exploration

The first Exploration I was participated in year 6 of Liger was a “Dinosaurs in Cambodia” Exploration. In this class, we were trying to discover whether there are dinosaurs footprints in Battambang. It was such an exciting topic because we are the first Cambodian students to do research about the tracks. I wasn’t available when the team went to Battambang but there were a few activities that they did to examine the tracks. They did casting with clay and plaster of paris. They walked around the site to see more footprints and they also did a small interview around the village to know whether Cambodian believe in dinosaurs. In class, we tried to identify the footprints by measuring the size, looking for traits that match with the real dinosaur footprints, making hypothesis, and sketching a rough draft of the footprints. At the end we sent that report with those possible information to paleontologists from different countries. After many research and analysis, we think it’s possible that those footprints are real. The Exploration is ended but we are continuing it during the expertise time which is one hour per week. We hope to go back to site in order to deeply examine the tracks.  

Please visit this site to know more about our project.