Technovation 2015

I am one of the members in the Technovation program. As we are in this program, we have to create an app that can help changing life in Cambodia, or around the world. My group called TWIM “Together We Improve More”. We decided to create an app helping people to reduce using plastic. Sometimes we made fun of our team name, Together We Improve More Plastics.

This is our pitch video:

Our goal is to help people recycled plastic to make new stuff by posting what they had done into our app. It wasn’t the best idea, but we just keep going with it. There are some challenges along with it. Guessed what, I didn’t get to take the photo with my group to submit the project because at that time I was going to a trip to do research about economic. I was a bit disappointed that my group took a photo to submit without me, but that was fine cause I understand that it was a hurried time. We used app inventor 2 to design our app. We also had created a video of the demo about our app.

Poverty in Cambodia Exploration

In the week we were having a presentation about the other countries. My group get the Egypt country to do. What I learned during doing presentation and make a poster is helping each other. We need to work all together, not just one person do and another not. We need to manage that job, so everyone is know what they doing. After finished making a poster, we divided the presentation job. That mean, who speak about what topics on the poster. When I did the presentation, I did learned a lot of thing. There are, being flexible and not talk to talk again and again. Most of the time when we do the presentation there are conflict because we not have a good team work. But never mine my group don’t have any conflict. What the matter is, we understand each other feeling. Sometimes when they asking questions, I need to be commitment to answer because some questions I don’t know the answer and some of them are really hard. That teach me, if I said about one topic I need to clear what it mean and the reason of it. As a professional presenter we need to be clear and understand about our presentation. People will not understand what we mean if we not speak clearly and explain clearly. When we speak good and having some action, it help us to attract people feeling than just stand and speak.

The hardest point for me about this presentation is sometimes my group is not staying with each other. Some of them was busy to do something else. It hard to manage as being like a leader. Also when we research information, it is not enough for us to understand and the word is not for kids, most of them is for adult to read. But we was trying hard to translate and ask teacher.

Trip to Kampong Chhnang

Preparing board game.
Preparing board game.

Before we were going to Kompong Chhang, we prepared games, and questions and presentation for our activities.






Interviewing the families in the community

My group interviewed a woman about her daily life.
My group interviewed a woman about her daily life.


On the first day we went to the community to interview the families about their living. Most of the people at there are doing a saving group to save their money. Some of the people in that community are growing rice and making a basket. At that community they not do farming because it was really hard to take the water and the land don’t have enough nutrient.

The problem in the community was traffic, water and electricity. The members in some families was dead because of the traffic. What cause them having a accident was the animals and they don’t respect the traffic rules. As you know already in the community there are a lot of animals like dogs, chickens, cows and more.

The example of the accident in that community was the dog make one person dead. Because of the person drove the motor and not focus on the driving, it made that person crash with the dog and the person was dead because falling off from the motor. That person still dead even though that person wore the helmet. One lady I was interviewed says “ I was driving the motor with my husband and we saw the dog ran forward to us, and my husband can not stop the motor. Then I and my husband was fall down from the motor because of the dog. Luckily I and my husband don’t have a big injury” I was so happy to hurt that they don’t get any hurt but when I continues to lesson to the woman and she said at that time she not wear the helmet. That is really dangerous because they not wear the helmet. Others thing in the community was some of the people robbed the animals like chicken. But now the robbing event not so happen. In Cambodia, most of the families having a conflict with each other. But that is normal for Cambodian.

Visiting the Stupa

We drove to one pagoda at Derachan village to learn about the Stupa. We met one man, but he was so old just like our grandpa. He is the villager in this village. I think he knew a lot about the history of Stupa. Yes and I really sure that he knew a lot about history of stupa after I listened to him. The history was so long and I can not take the notes all about what he say. But I am understand and there some little notes in my book. The stupa is the place that put the dead person. The stupa that we visit is the place was putting 2 people, Pades and one more person(don’t know the name). Pades was a french that came to Cambodia and he take another people in his country to come to manage Cambodia at 1920. You can imagine what happened when another country come to manage your country. That is awful and really horrible. 1920 was the years that Cambodian become weak because of french. French had fight, take the tax from Cambodia and put the people in the jail if they not give the tax. Most people in Cambodia had had ran to the forest to hide because they don’t have enough tax for French. But Cambodian was discuss to fight back against the French but they don’t have enough chance. At 1925 was the years that Cambodian fight back against the French. During that time the people was running around and yelling. At last one grandma called Bee fought Pades. So Pades was dead and everyone in Cambodia having a happiness times.

Presentation from CPR

CPR is one organization that focus on HIV(Aid) living people. CPR is stand for Cambodia’s
Poverty Reduction. ( It is in my notebook) (Will be more soon)

Interviewing money saving group/observing

Interview a woman about Saving Group.
Interview a woman about Saving Group.

We went to one place that far from the city. We went there to interview the people about saving group. Most the people that go to saving group are women. They can put the money whenever they want. They get 5% of the interest of their money. That is really good because when their family have any problem, they just can take the money that they have in the bank to support their family. They also can borrow the money from the other people too. One woman said she do the job, so when the time to put the money, she can put the money that left from her job into the bank book. She really believe 100% to the saving group and in the saving there are no conflict happen. This saving group help people to save their money and to make their life better.

First aid teaching


So before we going on the trip, we have to learn how to cure the disease before we are going to teach the other people.  We had a nurse  facilitator to teach us.

presentI and my partner was teaching the community about first aid. We were teaching about fever. We prepared all the material and setup the presentation. We presented to the old people and their listened to us. During we did the presentation, we also show them the materials that they need when someone get fever. After we finished the presentation, we asked them some questions. They answer really well. But I afraid that they will not do as the lesson that I told them.

Presentation Reflection-Samady, Kanha
Our objective after we present to the community are:
1. Let them understand the disease is really dangerous for people. One small disease can become a big problem for their family.
2. Don’t let them spend a lot of money on the small sick because they can do by themselves, don’t need to go to the hospital.
3. Community will understand how to treat the sick that their family have. If they don’t understand, they will not treat and not bring the people to the hospital.
4. Sharing idea and knowledge to the other community to understand about the disease.
5. Don’t take other dangerous material to treat the cut, sick.
6. They can take care their family, themselves, and others.

The game group also make the games for the children to play. Everyone was so excited to play. There are a lot of kids. We divided the children by group and let them play football and another group play games. So we can switch and every kids have chance to play the games that we have. We playing balloon games, racing games and more. It was so fun and I think the kids they work really hard. We also have the price for the kids that had won the game too and the price is one candy each. I know the price is weird. But this price is encourage them to have hard working in a team. After finished one group, we called another group to come and play the same games. First I am with the children who inside the house to play the game then second times I went to play football with all the kids. It was a fantastic trip!

Trip to the ministries
Not only going to Kampong Chhnang, but we also went to the two ministry in Cambodia such as Ministry of Rural Development and Ministry of Labor and Vocation Training. First time, they thought us that we are coming from a high school, like adults, but actually we are kids. We had listened to their presentation talking about how they develop the community and the problem that they need to solve. Cambodia poor because Cambodian need to rebuilt every things that was left after the Khmer Rouge.

Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

I am really happy to go to Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. We go there to learned about how they train the people to do the job and better skills. They mostly train about the agriculture and the this is important because mostly people in Cambodia do farming. It is easy for them when they know how to grow and protect their plants. There are short term and long term. Short term training are 7 month and anyone can join it like monk, students who are grade 7 up and other people that don’t have any work. The long term is only for students that graduate or grade 9 up. Also long term can be for the people who old(I meant not old that can not do anything). The partner that help to support this ministry are Japan company, and some centers. The centers they not giving the fund but they build the relationship with the ministry so they can do their project. I think that it for my reflection.

2. The Ministry of Rural Development

We went The Ministry of Rural Development and we’re happy to get new information from this ministry. This ministry working on a lot of thing to reduce the poverty in Cambodia at the countryside. They working on health, road, vocational training, and education. But there are a lot of ministry who working on this things. Example the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, the Ministry of Education_this all are related and the same as Ministry of Rural Development. I think if they spent a lot of times with the same thing and same main idea_it is really hard and maybe they will spent a lot of money. Not only Cambodia that been experienced the war, there are a lot of countries like South Korea and Brazil. Korea is the country that been experienced the war like Cambodia. Everything had been destroyed. Except, Korea left smart people, however, smart Cambodian had killed in the war_especialy Khmer Rouge. This is one reason that why Cambodia are poor. The other reason is people in Cambodia are earn less and spent more. Example they have one motor. They want to buy the chillies and the chillies only costed 100 riel. They ride the motor to buy the chillies for 100 riel but they need to spent one motor, one hour and the gasoline. This ministry take the plan from South Korea and edit it into the new plan. This ministry mostly working with the rural area people.
They mostly work with the people at the countryside because they want to improve health, road, education and others for the people there. It take really long time for them to do this because it is not easy. Cambodia poverty rate is approximately 19% because of the war in the country. Especially Khmer Rough. Khmer Rouge had killed smart Cambodian. So in Cambodia there are less smart people. Most important part that Cambodia is still poor because the people didn’t know how to balance between the income and the expense. This mean when Cambodian get the income from their work, they still spend their money to the phone, computer, bike, motor and others modern stuff. Sometimes they spent their money to the thing that they don’t need too, example if their children getting wedding they will buy a lot of thing. Some of the resources they don’t need to buy, however they will buy as much as they can, even though they don’t need it. Even this still cause Cambodia to face the poverty that make people poor, Cambodia still have the place that have a lot of agriculture and the ancient towers, places that left from the past. Ministry had recommended us to be a good student, good child and a good person for Cambodian society.

Equitable Cambodia

presentationThere a guy that was our teacher’s friend. He was coming to present us about the organization that he worked in. What I learned from the presentation is about his organization called Equitable Cambodia. This organization is working on human rights and it a local organization. Their mission is to make an equitable development and being equality in Cambodia. In the organization there are a lot of plan for them to do, to make the people in Cambodia thinking really well. They have a lot of plan and the one that really interested is Family Dream project. It mean they help the people, family in the villages. The procedure is 1. Family planning, 2. Strategic Income Generation, 3. Well Child-Educated, and Family peace building. Also there are lesson to teach to the people in a village like Saving group, WHADA, Agriculture Development Association, Water User Group, Forestry community.



So my friend and I had present about one of the topics for poverty. Click here, to see our presentation.

As I am one of the presenter for poverty, I got a free T-shirt of decreasing poverty in Cambodia.  🙂

Water Safety Exploration Description 2015

This is one of the big change Cambodia Exploration. I really love doing this project because I can help many people how to swim and learn about the water safety. In the Exploration I learned that drowning is the number one fetal death in Cambodia. There are not so many records about drowning because there are kids, adults drowned at the rural area which no one know. Our goal in this Exploration is to teach the kids how to swim a basic swim and to teach people about the water safety. To get the kids to come to learn how to swim, we surveyed the kids at the community to come to swim at our school. There are a lot of kids coming to learn and we are very happy. We divided into groups so everyone get a chance to teach and get a chance to swim. During class we planned lessons for the students and write some improvement for them. Ergo, some of the kids were so scared, but we comforted them. Not only teaching kids how to swim but we also had created posters about the safety of water. We used Inkscape program. Well, I was really bad with it first, but as I tried to explored and used it more, it become easier for me than before. Each of us had made a poster and we print it out so we can take it to teach the people around us.

  • Message Lessons at school.

We went to Camkids at Kompong Speu. We printed our survey forms about drowning so we can interview the students at there. It was really hard to interview the students because it is really hard for them to understand what we are talking about and I am smart enough to realize that some of the kids are lying me about the questions of the survey. The trip to Camkids was fantastic even though we were really tired of talking the same thing about 5-6 times. After a presentation for a day, we rode back to Liger. I felt very happy because I can go outside, explore and teach people about water safety even it is a really short time. After we got the data of the survey, we put it into the form and realized that 71% of the students that we interviewed doesn’t know how to swim and mostly they go to swim at the pond with their friends (there are a lot of data, but I just raised this up). So to help change Cambodia and the people around the world, please share about this to the people around you or teach them something that you know about water safety.

Liger Water Safety

See the posters below about water safety- it’ll explain you how to help people when you see them drowning, and about dangerous places that you shouldn’t go, and more.



Vocab Quiz #5

Name: Samady
Date: 03/Nov/2014

What does it mean to protest? What have you protested before?
1. to protest mean to disagree strongly on something. One day in Geography class I protest with my friends about provinces in Cambodia. First they said there are 25 province in Cambodia then I said there are only 24. I said there 24 province and 1 city. But they not believe me they just 25, 25 provinces. I said you not believe me? They add new provinces now, so it 24 provinces and 1 city. They said yes if they add that province one more it 25 provinces. I think I am right and I sure that there are 24 provinces and 1 city in Cambodia. Great!

If there was a stench coming from the kitchen, would you be excited to eat lunch? Why or why not? No because for me if I smell something that bad from the kitchen I’ll don’t want to eat because I can not eat the foods with bad smell. And sometime when I eat I want to throw out because I smell rotten things or the bad smell. Good!

What is a substance? Give me three examples of substances.
Substance it mean liquid or solid things. The example are, water, mineral, diamond

What does slam mean? to shut or close very quickly.

What does the verb ‘to occur’ mean? What is something that occurs at Liger every single day? Occur mean what happened. In liger every Monday to Friday we have Exploration.

Write me a sentence using the word: impurities or impurity. The lady wanted to buy a fancy diamond that have zero impurities.

What is a job that you would like to be hired to do in the future?to clean the house for me, to take my children to school. (But it mean: I want to be a teacher)

Explain what a boulder is. Is it the same thing as your shoulder? Does it have to do with getting older?
Boulder mean the rock or stone, and round, usually it broke off the mountain. No
for the last two questions. Great!

What does dawn look like at Liger? I am not really know the dawn look like in Liger because usually when I wake up I just stay in room and clean the house in my girl room and some time when dawn I not yet awoke. But I’ll try to remember about dawn in Liger.The dawn in Liger not really bright, but at 7 am it very bright, and came from the back of my house (Red Timber Wolf, House 4) ( the time of the sun that just began to rised) Good!

Tell me the procedures for writing a Weekly Journal.
1 is choose the topic that you want to write about. Or Caro will gave us a topic like about holiday, about trip…..
2 is – started to write about it.
3 is – after wrote your WJ, you start to do self assessment checklist( SAC)
4 is – do Partner Assessment Checklist
5 Caro look at our WJ and gave us a feedback. She do like Assessment Checklist too.

What does it mean to be unwanted? don’t want

About how much cash do you have in your Liger bank account? about $24/ I want to say I have 95000 riel.

Would you rather own a gemstone or a grave? Why? I think I can not because I’m too young to own the gemstone because it really luxury and precious. I afraid that it will lose. But if my family they bought it for me, or my family gave it to me I can own it, it belong to me( If it just a necklace, ring or ears ring)( But for the big gemstone I can not. For grave- I can not own because it like to put the dead body, and it not belong to me. It for everyone to put all dead people in the grave. Great answer!

Tell me a time when a doctor has given a treatment to you or a family member. What did he do? My uncle he broke his head so my family bring him to the doctor to treatment. They sew my uncle head.

21/21 Fabulous Samady!

Vocab Quiz #4

Name: Samady
Date: 06/Oct/2014

What time of day is dawn? at 6:00am. What are you usually doing at dawn? for me I woke up. But for Caro still sleeping. Good!

Who is a person that you have seen drool? What caused them to drool?
Drool mean the liquid in your mouse. It come out when you sleep, mostly when u sleep. The causes that they drool is sometime they saw something beautiful. or when you see a green mango. I see my cousin.

What is a fink? the name of the person who not show integrity and it a bad person.

Write me a sentence using the word lump. the bump on our skin. Especially when we inject. Good.

Tell me about a nightmare you have had before. Hah for me when I play capture the flag my dream is about all the student is play capture the flag but it like a hunger game. we killed each other. so scare. Other one is when I watch movie about one boy name Persy. In that story there one woman she a snake on her head. When she open her eye, If someone open the eye to look at her, the person will became a… so at night I dream about her. so scared. How scary!

What is a sleeve? the long garment shirt that come out from your shoulder.

Can you ever reach the horizon? I can not reach the horizon but I can see it. Why not? Because it very far. the world is so big. Is the horizon real? Or not real? the horizon is not really.


Vocab Quiz #3

Name: Samady
Date: 14/Oct/2014

1. Write a sentence using the word HIRE.
Caro hire Jeff for doing house work forever.

2. What does it mean to rob? To steal

3. What is something that you have swallowed before? When? The pork that are not soft, It really solid. When there are a celebration in Liger. BBQ

4. What does it mean to convince? To persuade, to get someone to agree with you. What have you convinced someone to do before? I convince teacher Darath to stop at Davith house for eat lunch when we go to Siem Reap. I alway said please, please and I tell him the reason. But he said, Don’t know yet, He need to think. Great example!

5. What does request mean? To ask permission to do something. What is something that you would like to request Liger to do? I requests can Liger have Karate.

6. Write me a sentence using the word WOBBLE.
The baby when they trying to walk, they hard to walk so their body started to wobble.

Excellent! 9/9

Vocab quiz #2

Name: Samady
Date: 15/09/2014

1. What does it mean to protest? Who is someone that might protest?
Protest mean to strongly disagree on some things. The president, prime minister,

2. What does grip mean? Tell me about a time when you would grip someone’s hand.
to hold something tightly, When I scare when I walk on a big bridge or long bridge, When I afraid,

3. What does glance mean? to look to something very fast, quickly

4. Who is someone that you have heard mumble before? Tell me about it.
Keya, because he always mumble even he in Khmer Class, Literacy,…. . Some time when he speak very fast and mumble no one understand what he trying to say, but Ketya speak better than Vornsar, Vornsar she mumble when she speak, when ever she speak everyone always said can she speak again and more clearly.

5. What does it mean to groan? to make a sad or disappointed noise. When have you groaned? When Caro gave a lots of HW and when she said do this do those again, or maybe when Caro said no more Birthday Party in Liger.

6. What does wobble mean? something shake to the north, forth, What is something that might wobble? When the baby learn how to walk.

7. What does slam mean? to shut or close very fast.

Amazing! 7/7

Vocab Quiz #1

Name: Samady
Date: 08/09/2014

In your own words, give the definition of each word. You can also write a sentence that explains the word, if that is easier for you.

1. to sob, to cry very hard, Ex: Caro had sob when Jeff went a ways for Koh Kong trip.

2. to grin, to smile very big, Ex: Sovannou like to grin when she in class or when she played football.

3. to protest , to disagree strongly about an ideas or something else.Ex: Cambodian factories workers going to protest about the government not give a good salary.

4. to mutter, to speak not clearly, Ex: Soliday mutter when she speak so no one understand what she wanted to talking about.

5. to approach, to go to near someone and communicate with that person. Example, At the networking day Jim Walton( Samady) went to approach Bill Gate( Seyha) for making a business and communicate.

Awesome! 5/5


App logo
App logo

I am one of the members in the Technovation program. Technovation is a world wide technology lesson (create app) for women. As we are in this program, we have to create an app that can help changing life in Cambodia, or around the world. My group called TWIM “Together We Improve More”. We decided to create an app helping people to reduce using plastic.. Sometimes we made fun of our team name, Together We Improve More Plastics.

Our goal is to help people recycled plastic to make new stuff by posting what they had done into our app. It wasn’t the best idea, but we just keep going with it. There are some challenges along with it. Guessed what, I didn’t get to take the photo with my group to submit the project because at that time I was going to a trip to do research about economic. I was a bit disappointed that my group took a photo to submit without me, but that was fine cause I understand that it was a hurried time. We used app inventor 2 to design our app (see the pictures below). We also had created a video and a demo about our app. Click the here to see the pitch video      App demo



I met a guy name Callum. Callum is 18 years old, and this is a really amazing story that help encourage and inspire people to live a life. Callum have a brother that is 2 years older. When Callum was 8 years old, his family life had changed, his ordinary 10-year-old brother had become a boy who has a leg cancer. Soon it was spread to the lung. The doctors said that they can’t treat the cancer and he only have two weeks left to survive. Callum’s brother didn’t believed it, and of cause Callum’s brother had lived for another four years! Callum’s brother had gave two promise to Callum. One is to live a great life and another is to help people. Callum decided to cycling around the world. He help raising money for ONGs, ophanic and others. He had started his journey at Australia and he traveled to Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. He had promise his mother that, he will go back to his home on the December, Christmas. As I am one of the people that had known his story I would like to share his story to the world and please share this to others people that you know and support Callum. #IStandWithCallum