Conference Reflection Journal 2015

I have conference on 5th March, and it was on Friday. In the morning at eight I came to the main- building to come to meet my grandparents to do the conference. I was went into the library with my grandparents to meet Jeff to start the meeting. I was so scared at that time even though that was my second time. Jeff was started to talk about what I did well in school and I have Bong Mary to translate for my grandparents. Jeff said, I was the student who have commitment, determination in the class. Sometimes I was worked really hard and it make me stress. In a team I was sometimes collaborate with other and sometimes not, I rather work alone. In a team I like to think only my idea even though that idea was not right. When I want to say something it is really hard for me to explain it to my team and so no one understand what I mean. Sometimes I don’t want my grandparents to know any good things about me. I just want the teacher to tell my grandparents and don’t need to have me to be there. I was already knew what Jeff will talk about me because I knew myself that what should I improve more and what I’m be well at. Jeff also tell me to translate to my grandparents some words that he was talked. I was understand what that mean, but when I was explained in Khmer to my grandparents it was really hard and I don’t understand that, it just like I am just began lesson two of English. When I was did the conference my face always look down and I was afraid to look at my grandparents’ face. At the end, I was go to house four which is my house that I lived. My grandparents when to meeting at conference room about some stuff. I was at home and I started to take my bag and to say goodbye to my friends that was left in the house. In that moment I was realized that it was nearly time for Celie, Issy and Shina to leave. They was came to say good bye to everyone in the morning at the house. I was gave Celie a really big hug and a l was nearly cry. I was also gave a hug to Issy and Shina too. I hope that they will come back to Liger again.

Science and Engineering Festival 2015

SEF(Science and Engineering Festival)

The first Science and Engineering Festival was one of the place that I’ve been to presented. On Saturday I went to the RUPP(Royal University of Phnom Penh) to share about my project. At the RUPP I shared about Technovation. My partner was Malika and Sopor. We presented about our app and what we did in DI(Development Innovation). Sometimes I am get away from my group and went to listen to the other presentations. I’ve been visited 3D printing place and the science experiment place. What I knew from the place that I was visited was not only Kichong place who having a 3D printing machine. There are also one school working on the 3D printing machine and they can print the pictures from the machine. We also watch some dance, singing presentation and games. I didn’t get any chance to present about my project because no one come in and also I just busy visiting other places, play a game and watch the show. One time, Cellcard company called the people to play a game. The game was some quiz to ask them. So some of the people go up. Teacher Phearon was convince me and others students to go up. But no one go up because I think they shy or maybe don’t want. For David_he said becase he think they ask about Cellcard, because they not mention what type of questions will they ask. The hosts started to devided the group and ask some questions. The people who was go up was a university’s students. When the host ask, it seem that the people who go up didn’t know anything. The question was ask: What is the longest river in the world. Liger students was wishpered to each other and it was really easy for us because we’ve learn about it before. The people who go up don’t know so they just answer Mekong river and other group answer Amazon river. The host said it was wrong and so she ask the listener_like us. What is the longest river in the world? Nile river! Liger students were shouted. This next question was on and on. And it was easy because they questions just ask: What is the biggest planet, what is the smallest planet, when did the water became ice. It all general questions. After they finished the quiz, we were so regretted because if we go up we will win and one more thing they will proud of us and it the reputation of Liger school. In this place I was also played some games with other Liger students. The game was to build the road for the marble to roll through. We need to take the chair and some sort of long pipe for us to design how can we get the marble to get through this easily, not fall off. I think it was really easy, but when I did it with my friends it was hard. The hardest thing for us was, if we make a lot of curve design we will get extra point. So we try to make a lot of curve. But they were even not work. Then some of the adult come to us and help. But it was not work because it was time. So then, Hongchun Narong the Ministry of Education come with the other guides. They all was the big people(famous and better reputation). Hong Choun Narong walk with others and he was stop at Liger school to see the robotic presentation. It was Dalin who show him the robot and she was nervous. I was so excited because I saw Hong Choun Narong again but one thing is I was Allen Tan. He was bought my product in the Liger share-raton at DI. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that he is the first person who come up with this Science and Engineering Festival idea! I was told Makara that, that is Allen Tan the guy that we met before. Allen Tan and Hong Choun Narong was talk about this festival t everyone. After they finished, they also give us and others the certificate for coming to this festival. And so we got one just like others group, school or company.