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There is a block of a science project where we did an experiment with cereal, and some other food in order to find the iron that exist in that food. We then answer some of these questions to check our understanding.


For question number 5, I’m not really sure about my research and it might be wrong.

Name: Samady

Eating Nails for Breakfast Questions
19/20 points
Use clear sentences to answer the questions. Think about what you learned from Ben Thorne of Song Saa, the cereal experiment, and additional research. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE ANY ANSWERS. You must use your own words.

1. Why do humans need iron in their diet (in the food they eat)? Great explanation 5/5

Humans need iron in their diet because it can help them to avoid Anemia which caused by Iron Deficiency. In addition, iron help to create more red blood cells. In each red blood cell, there are about 250 million hemoglobin. In each hemoglobin, there are 4 oxygen (O2). Which mean that there are billion of oxygen (O2) in a blood cell that helps us to breathe easily.

2. What are the symptoms of a person who does not have enough iron (iron deficiency)?
YES 5/5
Some of the symptoms of a person who got iron deficiency are: They feel weak, dizzy, their body is pale, really hard to breathe and they got exhausted really fast after doing the work.

3. How could you remove the iron from the cereal?
If we want to remove the iron from the cereal, we have to break the cereal into small pieces in the warm water because it helps to remove the other substances around the iron. We then use the magnet to pull the iron from the cereal.

4. Why is the iron attracted to the magnet? (Earth Science – This will require some research)

Actually the electrons line up when the rock is cooling, when it is magma. If iron atoms are in an electrical field it will magnetize the atoms. 4/5

Before the magnet come to attach the iron, the iron atoms are random, but when we use the magnet to attract the iron, the electrons of the iron started to line up with the flow of the magnetic, which means the iron is magnetized as well.