Khmer Listening Record

In class teacher assigned us to listen to the interviewing between a woman and a guy that is expert with the food. Teacher told us to listen on 3 times, and don’t stop the audio. I was listening to it 3 times and write what I can catch. Please apology if some information are wrong.

Let listen to my record about what I had wrote for it.

អត្ថបទនៃការស្ដាប់កិច្ចសម្ភាសន៍ ” សារធាតុគីមីនិងចំណីអាហារ”​

It kind of funny when I heard my sound in the audio (my friend told me, it isn’t my sound). If you are Cambodian or know Khmer language, you might understand it and you’ll learn    a lot from this. I’ll maybe write in English form, but I am not promise.