Science Story

In this section, we were working on the science story for the students in the government school. Each group has 2 people to work on a part of the science. I got a girl partner and I was working okay with her. Two of us has different passionate on the topics of the science because I liked Chemistry and my partner likes ——-. But then we were choosing water cycle and pH as the main ideas in our book. We have to combine those two in a story that is make sense. It is kind of hard for us to combine it but we tried to. We used Bookwright program to put our story and our art in it. We created our own art by drawing and painting it on the paper. After that, we scanned it into our computer. Our book turns out good, but the arts wasn’t so nice. We translated our story into Khmer too and edited it with a teacher. My passionate on this book is that I can help changing Cambodia. I can write and paint many pictures to put in the book. Our challenges were that, we had wrote 4 stories and as we got feedback from teachers, it has change our ideas, and our story until one day we nearly give up and we ended up the last story. I really want to put the pH scales into the book but at the end, there is only a bit of my idea in the book, it was almost covered with the water cycle idea. But that was okay, I am happy to work with it. After all the Liger students finished their story, they are all presented it to each other and the stuffs in the school and after that we presented to the community kids near the campus. We had showed them the experiment of the science idea. My group did about the pH tester. We had milk, juice, freshwater, and pond water to test with our paper pH tester that we got from our teacher. This event was going pretty well and I was so happy to share about the book. The other students’ stories was really cool and I liked them.


Graphic Design

We had a graphic designer that come to teach us about the art and the graphic design. We learned about types of letters. There are 3 of them, San Siref, Siref, and Script. Colors makes you feel different way, example color blue- I felt sad.thumb_IMG_7943_1024
(coming picture will be uploaded soon)
In the picture, they are also using negative and positive spaces, images and title caps.
I liked singing, and this is my unfinished design of letter S for Singing.
Did you know that we can draw a sound? I had listen to the music I liked and then I draw the sound of it. I chose 2 songs, “Waiting for love and Wildest Dream”

Students are sharing about their drawing for the sounds that they heard.



Projectile Launcher

Shooting the projectile launcher

This time, we had created a projectile which can shoot the farthest. We got materials and we need to build it. My group was won the competition because we had shoot the farthest. After that we gather together to talk about why some projectile can shoot far and some not and also about the friction around it. But before we could make the projectile, we have to read about the instruction and learning about velocity, gravity, trajectory and parabola. Here is what I got in my notebook with my team

  • Velocity: Speed that moves in particular direction
  • Gravity: When we throw the ball, the gravity pull downward to let the ball rest on the ground
  • Trajectory: The trajectory is a path for the projectile launcher to travel in.
  • Parabola: When you throw the ball in less force, it becomes curve shape. The curve shape called “parabola” which observed in geometric equations (travel in a horizontal line and vertical line)

We also had created a MIND MAP for the projectile launcher and you can see the picture below about what I wrote in the book.

My Mind Map
My Mind Map

Newton’s Second Law


In STEM class we did a research about science and I choose this topic. Here is what I wrote about it.

Newton’s second law talk how fast an object would move. It state the acceleration depend on the mass of the object and the amount of force applied.
Newton’s second law: Force: Mass*Acceleration
To cause an object to accelerate or speed up you need to applied force. The more force you apply the quicker you accelerate. Sometimes you use the same force to push something, if the mass of one thing is heavier than the other, the heavy one not go as far as the small one. If their is more mass so we have to have more force to push it. To get more acceleration we need to apply more force.

Roller Coaster

own design with the group
Roller Coaster Design with the group

In the second week we did some Roller-coaster experiment. We design a roller-coaster that is safe and has a highest hill. We got materials in the class but we have to buy them. My group created a roller-coaster, but it wasn’t work really well. It didn’t work, sometimes the marball can’t go up, it has too less kinetic energy and potential energy and sometimes theball fall out. But the other group was so fantastic.

Design in the game in the laptop
Design in the game in the laptop