Photoshop Day!

On a Sunday afternoon I did a Photoshop workshop with one of our facilitators. I learned how to do basic photo editing using white balance, photo filter, curves, exposure, saturation and other tools! Here are a few photos I edited!

Model United Nations (ISPPMUN2017)

It’s that time of year again, where the ISPPMUN returned. This year, I wasn’t one of the delegates though, I was a part of the press team. I took this opportunity to practice my photography skill and to meet new people. I spent most of my times walking into different committees to take pictures and to see the debates. I also created a short film summarizing the whole event, and it got shown at the end of the ending-ceremony. It was hard for me to make the video because I have to record everything every day and edited it at the same time. However, I was happy because I get to share my creativity and my passion in filmmaking. 

Below are some photos I’ve taken at the conference.