My sonnet (LIFE)

Life unique, Life is full of happiness
Life different, Life is full of great changes
Life unique, Life is full of loneliness
Life different, Life is full of strange wishes

It’s not about how you fall from the hut
It’s about how you find a solution
It’s not about how you fall on the mud
It’s never give up and a decision

Sometimes there might be rain falling on you
Sometimes lightning might hit you and you died
Or sometimes the lucky come and breakthrough
You lay on the field and look at the sky

Until one day your goal has accomplish
You’ll see the world with mind of optimist

“Change Agent” Characteristics-Samady

Two characteristics that are my strength: (I really good at competitive too, I always want to win and try my best).

Networker: is someone who networks to another for supporting their business or idea (it benefit me and benefit you). For me, I don’t like to meet someone that I just meet the first time to talk about business-but I always like to send email to the people about the process of the business or events. I have ideas to write in my email and that why most of the times teachers tell me to write an email or call to the people who will we need for our learning. Sometimes emailing to someone is really hard because we didn’t know really much about that person. Another thing is, sometimes the person I email to is not reply back, so I have to keep emailing and ask he/she to meet me/or my team mate to talk about it. (Emailing to someone is my passionate)

Opportunist: is taking an opportunity of something that you want to improve or want to learn about it. Most of the time, I joined the opportunist in Liger example ISPP events or Technovation. I didn’t know at all, what did they do during the Technovation or ISPP, so if I join, I can learn and understand about it. The other thing is joining the race or some sort of things that unique in Cambodia example: swimming at Mekong. It was my big experiences to have done it. I somehow don’t care that I can’t do it, I just take that opportunity and enjoy it even I don’t like it. I sometimes really tired because I did too much of sport or activities that we have in Liger, like last year, I had to practice running, swimming and biking most of the days in a week. Even on weekend I did about two activities that were my opportunity to show my grandparents about dance(Hip-Hop and Khmer Dance). It is really hard for me to accomplish the activities, but I still try my best because I like to take opportunities. Sometimes I didn’t get the opportunist that I passionate at all so I have to convince and ask people for me to join it again and again.

Two characteristics that are my weakness
Creative: is making something new and have better ideas or different ideas from others. That is my weakness because I like to have/share an idea that the same as the topics or question. Sometimes I have ideas that are different from other but it not very creative. When sometimes I learned with Seyha, I always think that he is one of the creative students in Liger. He’s always show his idea that new and no one couldn’t think about that. I need to work on that because I need to think thoroughly more that what the topic means or what can I think of an idea that I can share to people and they understand it.

Innovator: Taking something, improve that, to make it better. In Entrepreneurship class with Kichong last year, it was really hard for me to innovate the stuff in the internet it to something that better. I have my team, and I the one who be the leader in the team. I am not really good at design product or being innovative because I know myself that design is really hard for me. Ketya was the one who did the design project, because he really good at it. Most of the time I work on writing and Ketya always search internet about the product that we can make it better. Ketya sometimes come to ask me the product that he going to make. Most of the times, I said it great but I have less idea to make that better. Another thing is when Kichong asked everyone to think of something that you want to create to develop your country or solve something, I chose make a robot to collect all the plastics/rubbish in Cambodia. During that, I thought about the innovative of the robot, but I really hard to think.

This is really interesting Samady! I am happy to see your self-awareness, really thinking about yourself and what you are good at and need to work on. Nice job!

Week 7 Reflection_Samady_October

What were my goals for the first 7 weeks?
Did I reach them?
If yes….how?
If no…..why?

I have two goals
1. I wish to learn more about grammar. Learn a new grammar topics that will use every day in a life times.

2. I hope I can read more in the class, so teachers can correct my accent, how I pronounce the word. I would like a high level book to read like example: Harry Potter.

I didn’t reach my goal because this first seven week, Caro mostly taught us about vocabulary.

The second goal I a bit reached. I had read two times with Caro, sometimes I am the last one who read the book because Caro wants to finish other before me because there are more people(I am alone). I read rodrick rules, and it is level W, my goal was to read level X.

Do you have any new goals?
What has been the hardest part of the past seven weeks?

This is my new goals
I want to finish Rodrick rules as fast as I can, and continue to the X(or maybe higher than X) bool level. Great!
I need to score higher than this 7 weeks percentage. and I hope I can get to 90% or higher. Great goal.
My hardest part of the past seven weeks are the adjective sort because I didn’t know any words for the adjective(I don’t know how to put the word square as an adjective, so I just put squarely which is adverb). Some words are confuse for me between texture, and weather(hot, dry). That makes sense. I hope you feel like you know more about adjectives now.

About Ghost

This is a short paragraph that I wrote about ghost, let have a read.  😱

People believe in ghosts because of TV. In TV they put ghosts movies. People’s brain started to remember the face and shapes of the ghosts that they saw in the TV. People started to be scared when they walk alone or go to anywhere at the night because the actions in the movies are similar to what they doing now or everyday. When ghosts movies got popular, it will increase in the TV. The pictures of the ghosts are now stuck in people’s mind because they watch TV too much about ghosts movies. More and more ghosts’ movies were in TV and people share that movies to others.


Here is my short limerick in literacy class⬇

Life is wonderful but has dangers
You’ll never know who are the liars
And when you fall down
You can’t make a sound
A second passed, you’ll find yourself a speaker

Just A dream- English Writting

In class we wrote some sentences about some crazy stories. First we wrote something and then we passed it to another person to continue our writing. After we did that, we give each other the paper to edit. The story got mixed up because it is not only a person wrote about it. Here it is:

This morning I woke up, and to my surprise there was a huge balloon in my room. I didn’t know how this balloon got into my room because the door was too small for it to come in. As the balloon came closer I tried to reach it. I holed it, I felt and grabbed it, but then the balloon flew higher and higher and it took me to fly with it, too. I felt really scared because I flew with a balloon. Further and further, the balloon arrived to another planet that was really bright and I felt unconscious in a deep dream. That dream was showing about the history of human. When I woke 100 aliens was surrounding me holding sword. After five seconds I got teleported to earth. But the aliens didn’t want me go to back to earth because they wanted to play football with me. So I went to play football with them and I taught them some styles of football. After two hours later the spaceship came and took me back to earth. And I felt so happy. I woke up, and to my surprise it was only just a dream that I had last night.


In this literacy class, we learn how to pronounce words correctly because when we grow up we have to have a good English speaking so it is easier for us to communicate or finding job, schools.

This is the website that we learn from: English Pronunciation

Here is the sound record of tongue twisters that I had spoke.  It is not perfect, but I tried to speak as good as I can.


This is what my teacher spoke for the students to learn how to pronounce correctly.


This is my other record of my pronunciation.




Rodrick Rules 123-138

Moose: school report by Greg Heffley
Moose: school report by Greg Heffley


pit a large hole in the ground
grateful thankful
receipt the small piece of paper that you get as a record of buying something; if you want to return something, you need to show your receipt (to prove you bought it)
idiom: cracking down (to crack down) to put limits on or stop something from happening
Hawk kind of bird with great eyesight
idiom: to watch someone like a hawk to always watch someone very closely
glass eye a fake eye made of glass that people use when they have an injury to their real eye and it can no longer see
wacky silly or funny or crazy
to aim to direct something toward the way you want it to go (ex. if you want to shoot a basketball into the net, you aim/point your hand and the ball in the direction of the net)
Flunked (to flunk) To fail, to not pass
pop quiz a quiz that you did not know was happening; a surprise quiz
budget cuts when someone decreases your budget (the amount of money an organization has to run their programs)
drum pad a small piece of wood that is used to learn how to play the drums before you get a real drum set
Utensils Fork/spoon → relates to kitchen
To get fed up An idiom that means to get annoyed or frustrated
Evolved (to evolve) Change over time
idiom: hitting the books (to hit the books) To study hard, to get your work done related to school
idiom: to wing it Make it up as you go; to not have a plan for something; synonym phrase: go with the flow, play it by ear
idiom: there is/was a catch idiom – means something good is happening, but then you realize that you have to do somethings to earn it OR there is a disadvantage


receipt re-seat
hawk like walk and talk

Rodrick Rules 104-123

Very funny, these pages
Very funny, these pages


Constantly All the time
Dang similar to damn, but more appropriate than that; used when someone is frustrated
Primitive Not smart, not well-developed
idiom: to get/be under someone’s thumb they have control over you
idiom: to get your kicks where you can to have fun when you can, even if it is making fun of someone else
eventually over time, in the end, finally
Apparently obviously, easy to see
Potty-trained potty: a bowl used by small children as a toilet; potty-trained means you know how and when to use the toilet, so you no longer need to wear diapers
pre-school the class 3-4 year olds go to before kindergarten
Bugging (to bug) annoy or bother someone
idiom: losing my marbles Going crazy
idiom: to put two and two together to look at a clue or evidence and NOT connect it with the crime or the thing that was done
Privileged having special rights; honored, feeling special
Acquaintance basic experience or knowledge of something; a person that you know slightly, but is not your close friend
Babysitter a person who is paid to take care of someone’s children when they are away from home
Cologne Nice smelling oil that men wear
Dungeon a strong underground prison place, usually in a castle
Nerd A person, especially a man, who is not attractive and boring; people make a lot of fun of people who are nerds (too smart, not interesting, not cool)
Suspicious a feeling that something wrong is going on or something bad is about to happen, based on observations
to Approve to agree with someone or think it is appropriate and good
Dork A loser, not a cool kid, lame
Loophole a way of figuring out how to get what you want by “bending” the rules
Tavern a bar or restaurant, where people go to eat and drink beer
Pint a pint of beer, a pint of milk. A unit used to measure liquid
battle to fight, a fight
to be “a regular” to go to a place over and over, so it is normal for you


Jacques jock, but with a zj sort of sound
Primitive prim-ih-tiv
Acquaintance uh-qwain-tince
Cologne co-lone
Heather heh-thur
Dungeon dun-jin
ORCS orks