Liger Independence Day 2017

This is year on November 10th, we were celebrating the Liger Independence Day 2017! This is the 2 years anniversary of the day the Cambodia ministry stated that Liger students will pass automatically without taking the grade 9 and 12 exams. That day we played so many games and having a bike tour from the Bike Business Exploration.  At the end of the day, everyone were so tired and I was so glad to learn more about rural Phnom Penh from the Exploration.


Basketball is one of my favourite sports. I practice basketball every Monday from 4:20pm – 5:20pm. Often, in a game, I am the passer or the shooter. I let my other teammates dribble the ball because they have a better control. In this ASE, the coach (Jeff) help us to practice our passing, shooting, and dribbling skills. At the end of the practice, we would have a game together, usually it’s 5 on 5. Sometimes, we have a competition with other school at the end of the year or on Parents Day

Model United Nations (ISPPMUN2017)

It’s that time of year again, where the ISPPMUN returned. This year, I wasn’t one of the delegates though, I was a part of the press team. I took this opportunity to practice my photography skill and to meet new people. I spent most of my times walking into different committees to take pictures and to see the debates. I also created a short film summarizing the whole event, and it got shown at the end of the ending-ceremony. It was hard for me to make the video because I have to record everything every day and edited it at the same time. However, I was happy because I get to share my creativity and my passion in filmmaking. 

Below are some photos I’ve taken at the conference.


លទ្ធផល​រូបភាព​សម្រាប់ khan academy

In Math class, we used Khan Academy to further our math experience. We used to learn a lot about statistics, probability, and algebra. One of my favourite algebra formulas is the quadratic formula (ax^2 + bx + c). Now we are focusing on geometry. Right now, I am using Khan Academy to practice a lesson in part of geometry called Transformation.


In Physic class, we learned so many [complicated] things. Currently, we are focusing on Static and Kinetic Frictions. In my opinion, physic is interesting but I often forget what to do during a test or assignment in order to find the answer. I find it hard to understand the definition behind a certain topic. I will try to work harder in Physic by asking my friends or my teacher when I’m stuck on a problem.

We had a lab in one of our Physic weeks. The lab objective was to determine the coefficient of static friction for multiple materials, and to solidify our understanding of friction. You can read our report here


In Khmer class, we focused on writing. We learned about how to write an informal speech, debate speech and other speeches. We researched about Pchum Ben, which is one of our countries ceremonies, we then put it into a book/report (in Khmer language). We also just finished researching the definition of the word “Research”. In the near future, we are going to learn more about researching.

Literacy – Coming of Age – Narrative Essay

One of the main topics that we were focusing on in Literacy class is Coming of Age. Students were able to write something about themselves in approximately 7 weeks. It was hard on what to choose, but I decided to write about my family. In this lesson, I got to write about what I felt and read some of my friends’ stories. It was truly inspiring and I found out that everyone has a unique story. This essay is kind of personal to me, and I hope you won’t criticise this. Please click here to read my first draft.

Navigating Phnom Penh

I was in a group of 4 people to do a navigating project around Phnom Penh. Our teacher set up 3 missions for us to complete in only 3 hours. We were out in the city without any adult with us. These are the three following missions:

  1. Waseem need two ‘mpu6050 gyroscopes with 3-5 input voltage”. Find and purchase them.
  2. Take photos/videos of Boden/White Building
  3. Matt would like to be able source raw chickpeas beans. He is having a hard time finding them. Every store sell canned chickpeas, but it much harder, to find raw chickpeas. Figure out where they are sold and what the unit cost is.

Through this experience, I felt more comfortable walking around the city without any adult with me. I know how to bargain better with my friends than if I were alone because my friends could help me with negotiating the person. Walking around the city, to find stuffs isn’t easy. I learned to do more research, talk to people face to face or contact them by making phone calls. Another thing that our teacher taught us that I found interesting was the pattern of the street in Phnom Penh. At last I also know a little better on how to use the map to find our destination and where we at. Another thing I was really happy about was that, we get to give those material/information to our learning facilitators that needed it. I also get to make a video since I love making videos! I think doing this had help me a lot and it’s a great way of teaching because the students were able to face real life challenges/situations.

If you wanted to read a little bit more about our process/adventure, please click here