Math Round 1 – Preparing for SAT

I really love math but I was never really good at it. When seeing math equations, it look so cool to me but I couldn’t figure out on what is the first step I should take to solve the problem. I then become stuck but then it becomes very fun for me because I can try to find a different way to solve the problem but then it become stressful when I still couldn’t figure out a way to solve it.

In math class, we’d been using Khan Academy and College Board which are the educational platforms to help us prepare for the SAT on October 6th. I try to practice math at least 30 minutes every night, but sometimes I couldn’t do it, however I get to practice math during math class which is a great thing. When class started, our teacher usually go over math areas that students has questions on and explain us how to solve the problem. Sometimes I just admire how intelligent our math teacher is. Not only he is super funny, he is super smart, and always encourage us to keep trying harder. There was a time he did a timed-math-calculator-okay section on Practice SAT with us. Every question he did, he would explain us what the question mean and go over step-by-step on how to solve the problem. It was a timed-practice-test but he still took that time to make sure that we understand what he is doing. At the end of the practice test, one question was not answered, and one was incorrect — it is not because he didn’t know how to do it, it was just that he ran out of time because he was busy explaining us how to solve the questions. I was so impressed, how can he do that! Well what should I say, he is our math teacher.

SAT is coming up. I am trying to practice as much as possible but I don’t think I work hard enough. I am worried about the test because I know myself that I don’t practice enough on the math section of the SAT. I still have many more areas that I have to work on, to learn, and to understand how to solve that type of question. My goal for the math section is to reach 600 points, I accomplished that before but I do not think I will be able to do it this time. I hope I do okay with the upcoming real SAT.

Good luck, Samady.

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