Chemistry: Flame Test Lab + Round 1

Starting with the new school year, we got a new teacher to teach us about chemistry! I really love chemistry because it is very interesting to study how the chemicals works! In the first round of the class, we covered 2 mains units called the “Scientific Method” and the “Matter, Atoms, and the Periodic Table” topics. In each unit, there were many sub-topics that we have to learned about such as Emission, Atom, Mole, Electron Figuration, and many more! We got to do a lab called Flame Test. This lab was fun because we got to do an experiment with flame and flame is always interesting in chemistry. In the lab, we make sure that everyone wear safety glasses, gloves, sneakers, and their lab code. During the flame test, we want to see the changes in flame’s colour when we put the different type of Chlorides onto it. When we put the copper chloride onto the flame, it changed the flame’s colour from orange to green and blue and it was so beautiful. The flame was kind of spiky. After the experiment, we measured the wavelength of light of each flame’s colour using the colour wavelength table. There were error during experiment such as that we do not accurately identify the flame’s colour using our eyes. But from this lab, we learned that the higher the energy level, the higher its wavelength of light.  


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