ID: Learning Korean Language (한국어)

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I did an independent discovery on learning Korean language because I really like Kpop musics now a day. I also think that their letters are so cool that I want to know how to write and read it. I am hoping to go to South Korea one day (if possible) to see the culture and the people there, so I think learning Korean might be really useful. The other thing is, I want to speak more than two languages, so now I am trying to learn Korean as my third language. 

Before starting this expertise, I actually started learning some basic Korean, like the alphabets. Now I know how read and write Korean a little but I don’t understand what it means. I used Duolingo website to learn the language. It teaches me the consonants and vowels, some Korean words, and some small phrases such as:

저는 한국에 없습니다 : I am not in Korea.

저는 : I

한국 : Korea

없습니다 : am not

공원에 길이 있습니다 : There is a road in the park.

공원 : park

길 : road

있습니다 : there is

I also can spell some of our names (which I’m not sure if it’s right), for examples:

사마디 : Samady

가로 : Caro

사만타 : Samantha

아리 : Alli

But Korean language is complicated especially its grammar. It is really hard for me to understand the structure of a sentence. It’s also hard to know what should I used when saying something to someone. For an example, now I understand that there many way of saying “Thank You” in Korean. 


고마워 : you use this with someone that is close to you such as your siblings, friends, or classmates

고맙습니다 : this is a formal way of saying thanks to someone that is older or have a higher rank than you

감사합니다 : this is a formal way to say thank you to someone such as elders, or strangers. But you can also say it to anyone to show your respect.

And there is many other way to say Thank you.

Also the other things I found hard is that I don’t know when do people use what consonant, for an example the ㅋ ㄱ ㄸ ㄲ ㅃ ㅆ ㅉ because they are very similar. There are also other vowels and consonants that are so confusing. Their numbers also confusing because there are two types of how to say each number in Korean.

I think what’s motivate me to learn this language, it’s because I like Kpop musics, and South Korea sounds really interesting with their culture. I want to visit the country one day. The last reason, probably because I want to understand what Korean students said as sometimes I meet them a lot at different events. 

I guess the first time I try learning this language going to be so hard but as long as I keep practicing and learning, I will be able read, write, and have small conversation in Korean. I am hoping to continue this expertise because I really really want to speak this language and understand what the other Korean people saying.


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